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Straits Podiatry is a podiatry clinic in Singapore that specialises in the treatment of all foot, ankle and lower limb conditions. Our podiatrists in Singapore specialise in people of all ages (infancy to the elderly) and we have a dedicated children’s area for paediatric podiatry services. The common problems that our foot doctors in Singapore treat include children’s foot conditions, difficulty standing or walking, sports injuries, foot and ankle pains, ingrown toenails, and general foot care.

Conditions We Treat


Our Treatment Philosophy

At Straits Podiatry, our goal is to help patients avoid any surgery for their conditions. Using gait analysis and cutting-edge technology such as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and Magnetotransduction Therapy, our podiatrists specialise in providing non-surgical podiatry treatment options to treat various foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, and more. No surgery means no downtime, and you can continue your daily life whilst recovering.
Podiatry treatment in Singapore. Singapore Podiatrist and foot doctor, Dr Saw Yu Ting.
Shockwave treatment in Singapore by Singapore Podiatrists. Straits Podiatry

“3 words to describe Straits Podiatry - ACE: Attentive, Caring and Efficient."

Amita Berthier, Singapore Olympic Fencer

Paediatric assessment. Children foot assessment by Singapore Podiatrist, Dr Saw Yu Ting.
Podiatry assessment by Singapore Podiatrist and foot foctor, Mr Jackie Tey at Straits Podiatry.

Our Podiatrists

Dr Saw Yu Ting

Growing up, Dr. Saw Yu Ting was an avid athlete, playing volleyball, tennis, and basketball on school teams throughout her secondary school. She often had pain from her bunions and blisters on her feet. A bad ankle sprain finally brought her into the podiatrist’s office one day and her podiatrist’s passion for her patients inspired Dr. Saw to pursue podiatry. Dr. Saw completed her surgical residency at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital as a foot and ankle doctor. She began her practice in the United States of America before returning to serve as a Podiatrist in Singapore.

Mr Jackie Tey

Like many others, Mr Jackie Tey grew up not knowing he has significant flatfeet. He used to suffer from aches and pain in the knees and feet but had never sought medical attention. It wasn’t until he suffered from both knee meniscus tears during National Service that he found out the root of his problem was flatfeet. Mr Tey was referred to see a Podiatrist and was intrigued by the work of the foot specialist and the concept of human biomechanics, which inspired him to pursue a degree in Podiatry. Mr Tey has been serving as a Podiatrist in Singapore since graduation and had years of experience with significant contributions in public hospitals.

Our Podiatrists

Our 4-Step Process On Your First Visit

We take care of our patients every step of the way. Here is what to expect on your first visit.
Understanding Your Condition

Your Podiatrist will listen to your concerns and ask you necessary questions related to the condition

Clinical Assessment
Your Podiatrist will perform necessary tests to examine further. This may involve using diagnostic ultrasound imaging.
Podiatrist in Singapore performing 3D foot analysis.
Tailored Treatment Plan
Your Podiatrist will explain the diagnosis and recommend the best treatment plan tailored to your condition.
Receive Your Treatment
We provide same-day diagnosis and treatment. Upon receiving your consent, our Podiatrist will start your treatment.

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Our Testimonials

Peter-Neil Lombard
Peter-Neil Lombard
March 21, 2023.
Our 8 year old recently had a wart on her little toe. I Googled and found Straits Podiatry; after three visits her wart is completely gone. I was worried the procedure would be painful but podiatrist Jackie did a wonderful job and my daughter actually enjoyed and looked forward to going back. Thank you to Jackie and the very friendly and helpful staff at reception. Thank you also for the coffees 😊
Karla Cienfuegos
Karla Cienfuegos
March 20, 2023.
Dr. Jackie has been such a blessing! I came in limping with a knee and calf knee injury. Within a couple of sessions I was able to feel less pain and healing. After a couple of months I realized I was in pain from an ingrown toenail. I knew that Dr. Jackie would really take care of me with this procedure. Dr. Jackie and his staff are so friendly, professional and helpful! I have been able to navigate with my expat insurance because of Dr. Jackie's work and willingness to help. I totally recommend Straits Podiatry to all of my friends. And many of them have ended up here and have had wonderful experiences too. Thank you!
Lim Dennis
Lim Dennis
March 18, 2023.
I would like to recommend Dr Saw. I took my wife Joyce to the clinic and her dedication to her health and wellbeing has made a significant difference.From the moment we first came to her office, she has been kind, compassionate, and professional. Her expertise and knowledge have been evident in every aspect of my care, from diagnosis to treatment to ongoing management. Thanks to her care, her feet are in better condition and is able to move with greater ease and comfort.
Bosco Cheng
Bosco Cheng
March 13, 2023.
Thank you to Dr. Saw and her team at Straits Podiatry for helping me with my heel pain. I had heel pain for more than 5 years, and even after seeing other specialists, they didn’t have any good long term cure. Glad my heel feels so much better after 6 rounds of shockwave therapy and EMTT. It has done wonders and I’m so thankful I can jog again! Highly recommend!
Alice Chia Alice
Alice Chia Alice
March 7, 2023.
Straits Podiatry Staff nice and friendly. The Clinic is so comfortable to children's. Thanks to all the staff and specially to Dr Jackie solved my granddaughter leg.
Raymond Ng
Raymond Ng
March 7, 2023.
I don't trust any of this doctors till i meet up with Dr Jackie from this clinic. He shown me how a real doctor should be and what he practice is to help out people in need. Not to earn money so that he can live a wonderful lifestyle. Awesome experience with you and your team Dr Jackie.
February 26, 2023.
I strongly recommend Straits Podiatry (Buona Vista). The staff is very professional and was able to help me recover quickly from my injury.
Danial Bawany
Danial Bawany
February 24, 2023.
Came here as a recommendation from a friend of mine as I was suffering from terrible plantar fasciitis. Met Jackie and he did not just help reduce the pain on my heel by 70% but he is the friendliest & most bubbly person you can ever meet. Always in an amazing mood and as much I do not look forward to the session because it hurts. I look forward to catching up with him every 2 weeks, just non stop banter and laughs with this guy. He gets the job done and makes it extremely fun in the process. Highly recommend them!


Podiatry is a medical discipline that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle, and lower limb problems. A podiatrist is an allied health professional commonly referred to as a foot doctor, foot specialist, or foot and ankle specialist. Podiatrists in Singapore are equipped with skills and knowledge from both medicine and biomechanics fields to treat and prevent lower limb injuries (from the hips to the feet) without surgery. Podiatrists in Singapore are also trained to provide foot health education and prevent injuries from occurring. We can also prescribe orthotics or recommend exercises to improve foot and ankle strength.
We are known as foot doctors in Singapore because we can diagnose and treat most conditions of the foot. This includes problems with the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and even skin and nails. In addition, we have the expertise to prescribe medical foot devices to change the way you walk. Hence, we are often referred to as foot specialists or foot doctors in Singapore.
Paediatric podiatry is basically podiatry for children. It is a subspecialty of podiatry that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of children’s foot conditions. Children’s foot conditions are managed very differently from adults because the child is still growing. Paediatric podiatrists need to have the knowledge to identify and differentiate between the normal and abnormal development of a child. At Straits Podiatry, we understand that your child may feel nervous when going into a clinic. As such, we have designed a dedicated children’s area that can help your child feel at ease whilst being examined. Our podiatrists in Singapore are experienced in paediatric podiatry and will advise on the right treatment for your child and when to start treating them. Our goal is to ensure that all parents are given the right information and that their child does not go through unnecessary treatment.
At Straits Podiatry, our goal is to help you recover without the need for surgery. Our clinic specialises in using state-of-the-art technology and advanced therapies to treat your lower limb pains. The only “surgeries” that we perform in the clinic are ingrown toenail surgery and wart removal. However, these are minimally invasive and you can walk out of the clinic immediately after. The list of services or treatments that we provide ranges from general foot screening, corn and calluses removal, ingrown toenail and plantar wart removal, to shockwave therapy. We are one of the very few podiatry clinics in Singapore that have a full team of podiatrists with medical shockwave treatment certification. This means that we are not only a clinic that provides shockwave therapy, but we also have internationally certified practitioners to help you. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our foot specialists in Singapore have the best qualifications to assist you.
Our podiatrists are trained to treat most foot, ankle and lower limb problems. If you are suffering from any lower limb discomfort, pain or difficulty walking or standing, it is advisable to consult a podiatrist. If you are still unsure if a podiatrist can help you, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to assist you and advise you accordingly.

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